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Watch All of Kobe's 81 Points in 3 Minutes - YouTube

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I like how the NBA uses their youtube channel creatively.

This is awesome! Too bad no one has video of Wilt's 100 point game...

I'm actually happy about that. Like writing, stories and events that have no film have to be left to the imagination (until someone comes along and makes a Hollywood production about it: e.g. Lincoln). 

Do you remember what it was like to read LOTR or Harry Potter before the movies came out? Probably, for most, the character in their head is now indistinguishable from the "real-life" version of said character.

Similarly, I love reading about old football games and stories like the four horsemen, red grange, roger stabauch, and other football and sports legends. Sure, many of them are probably on film, and some of them perhaps even featured on YouTube....but there's something special and sacred about re-creating a world in your head, rather than seeing it on video.

I imagine that this is why Baseball was America's sport, originally. Listening to the game on radio, tracking the box score, imagining how a hit or play must have been like without ever watching a game...

I'm not saddened by video, don't get me wrong; however, I think it rather romantic that some events will only ever be left to the written word and scrambled bits of memories tossed together on this smorgasbord canvas of life.

You make a great point.

The reality is rarely as awesome as we can imagine something to be.

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