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Mark Sanchez butt fumble gif -- BUTTFUMBLE !!!

Mark Sanchez butt fumble gif BUTTFUMBLE

Source: NY Post

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I hate to laugh, but this is hilarious.

Mark Sanchez is the worst Quarterback EVER.

The New York Post adds:

Mark Sanchez haters, you have a new lead clip for your lowlight reel.

In the second quarter of Thursday night’s game against the Patriots, the Jets quarterback attempts to scramble out of the pocket and fails miserably in one of the funniest NFL clips you’ll ever see – provided you’re not a Jets fan.

Sanchez runs straight ahead and right into the butt of offensive lineman Brandon Moore. Moore’s posterior knocks Sanchez to the ground and he fumbles the ball. Steve Gregory of the Patriots picks it up and takes it back for a touchdown.

This one will be on blooper reels until the end of time.

Mark Sanchez butt fumble Jets suck worst Quarterback ever gif

Another angle:

Mark Sanchez butt fumble gif

By the way, the Patriots safety who grabbed the butt fumble is the son of a 9/11 cop:

Big version:

butt fumble jets gif

Yet another angle:

Mark Sanchez buttfumble gif Imgur

Jets' Mark Sanchez is the worst quarterback EVER.

Mark Sanchez butt fumble gif

The Jets dare to dream the impossible dream.

Reminds me of Jets vs. Bills: Mark Sanchez Gets Punked By Drayton Florence (11/6/11)

Watch the top left of the screen as Buffalo Bills defensive back Drayton Florence makes New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez flinch before the snap of the football:

Rex Ryan's unfuckingbelievable response to losing to the Patriots 49-19:

Rex Ryan fucking unbelievable cursing gif

When asked about his butt fumble, Mark Sanchez replied that it was "embarrassing".

Mark Sanchez logic:

mark sanchez logic

mark sanchez sack fumble

Mark Sanchez butt fumble was perhaps the NFL's greatest blooper of 2012.

Mark Sanchez butt fumble

Mark Sanchez butt fumble

Mark Sanchez butt fumble

Mark Sanchez butt fumble

Mark Sanchez butt fumble



Right after the play happened, Mark Sanchez was all...


But don't blame Mark Sanchez. I mean, look at the control he was working with!


buttfumble  buttfumble

mark sanchez flinch gif bills

Homer Simpson bushes meme New York Giants now Jets fan Imgur

sensible chuckle magazine laughing gif Imgur

Mark Sanchez / Shonn Greene action pack:

Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene Action Figures 2-Pack: Baby

Bill Simmons explains:

Q: The Mark Sanchez and Shonn Greene action figure two pack is 'on sale' for $20 at Toys R Us (a whole $3 off regular price). Should I feel worse for the central warehouse manager at Toys R Us who has run out of space at the warehouse because the Sanchez/Greene toy crates are definitely not going anywhere, or should I pity the young Jets fans who will be getting this gift from their well-intentioned grandmas? Note to Toys R Us — repack the Sanchez figures in two packs with an o-lineman figure as a recreation of the butt fumble and it will sell out faster than Steve Sarkisian.—Scott, Redmond, VA

SG: Sadly, they DID sell out of that item. You can't find it on their website anymore. Thank god for eBay! That's a solid joke Christmas gift, which got me thinking — couldn't the NFL corner the joke Christmas gift market? Wouldn't a Sanchez Butt Fumble action figure sell like hotcakes? Who wouldn't want to collect the entire set of Jim Caldwell All-Stars? What about a talking Dan Dierdorf triple-negative broadcasting doll? Or a fake courtroom set replete with attorneys, a hearing judge and multiple members of the Seahawks defense appealing a failed drug test? (Sorry, I had to.)

And who among us could forget the BUTTSLIDE ?

new york jets meme dad whats a quarterback I dont know son we are jets fans

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