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Festivus Memes and gifs

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Serenity Now!

Brace yourselves, here come the Festivus memes...

Happy Festivus -- Be sure to donate to The Human Fund.

Happy Festivus meme gift Human Fund tumblr imgur

happy festivus gif Seinfeld imgur

Festivus pole gif frank Costanza Seinfeld imgur

Festivus yes! Bagels no!!

Festivus yes Bagels no meme

It's a Festivus miracle!

its a festivus miracle gif imgur tumblr seinfeld kramer

 best winter holiday

Happy Festivus! 


Festivus gif

a festivus for the rest of us gif tumblr imgur frank costanza seinfeld

I am very disappointed in you.


It is now time for the airing of grievances.


Try not to overcompensate when it's time to pick out your Festivus pole.

This is not a pipe

Christmas? I prefer Festivus.

Festivus Seinfeld

I got a lot of problems with you people! And now you're going to hear about it!

Festivus Seinfeld

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