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How NASA might build its very first warp drive

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In terms of the engine's mechanics, a spheroid object would be placed between two regions of space-time (one expanding and one contracting). A "warp bubble" would then be generated that moves space-time around the object, effectively repositioning it — the end result being faster-than-light travel without the spheroid (or spacecraft) having to move with respect to its local frame of reference.

I'm addicted to the NASA Warp Drive status page.

More at Time magazine. Geordi Laforge DEAL WITH IT time!!!

geordi laforge deal with it gif levar burton star trek next generation

Michio Kaku: Faster than light speed is possible...

NASA is working on a warp drive? SO FULL OF WIN!

Picard NASA is working on a warp drive? SO FULL OF WIN!

This calls for an awesome NASA logo.

awesome NASA gif

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