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Funding good design is now officially mainstream — Tech News and Analysis

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Mainstream, and yet ineffective.

Are there examples of winners?

Path? No.

EveryMe? No.

Pinterest? Too soon to tell.

Tumblr? Do they make money???

Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook...ahh, what is "good design?"

If you mean Psuedo-Apple design, then no. I think people are still putting lipstick on a pig.

Does anyone think Reddit has "good design" in the way that these folks think of "good design." Ditto for Quora or StackExchange et. al

This isn't really an article about anything.

Every startup has design.

What this article is really about is that no new companies are getting funded right now.

So Katie had to fill the space with SOMETHING.

Because she can't really write an article about no one funding anything.

Who would read that? 

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