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Mental Disorders of Pooh Characters

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Okay, everyone knows that Winnie the Pooh has an eating disorder.

What I didn't realize is that so do all the other Pooh characters.

Example: Kanga was a control freak - poor Roo, he wasn't allowed to do anything. And Roo of course suffered from detachment issues.

More examples below.

Psychology, you just hit me right in the childhood.

It's impossible, said pride. It's risky, said experience. It's pointless, said reason. Give it a try, whispered the heart. - PandaWhale

Tigger has ADHD.

Tigger ADHD gif

Eeyore suffers from depression.

Eeyore depression gif

Piglet has anxiety attacks.

Piglet anxiety gif

Owl is a narcissist.

Owl narcissism gif

Rabbit has OCD.

Rabbit OCD gif

And Christopher Robin is schizophrenic.

Christopher Robin schizophrenia gif

Nicely deconstructed, Adam. 

I thought so too, Dawn. Were there any characters we missed?

Don't get me started on other Disney characters.

Oh no... this could detract us from serious stuff... anyway, you forgot Kanga. She is a helicopter mom. 

Helicopter Mom is putting it nicely. She's a worrier and a control freak! 

7 signs that Winnie the Pooh characters are on drugs: 

Right in the childhood

Doctor Dan Meth is ready to prescribe medicines!


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