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The Great Spanx Sex Experiment - The Cut

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Everything old is new again!

I like the Spanx' founder story.

Which part of the founder story do you like best? is a better piece for the founder's storyI loved the spanx sex story, but was surprised she didn't find it easier to find someone  to get her kink on.  Kids today!

Hmm; she struggled, a lot. She's the anti-silicon valley champion. Went to an average school. Worked as a clerk or something or the other for 8 years. Wanted (or did attend?) law school. Grinded her way to the top. 

She's not ivy league. She's not a "hacker." She's a "she" and not a 20-something male. 

We hear so many entrepreneur stories of people doing apps; it's great to hear the Spanx founder story or Chobani's or really inspiring grind-it-out 10-year arcs.

Oh, then you might enjoy this: Lessons from Spanx founder Sara Blakely

Now I axe ya, you are in bed....does it really matter what sort of underwear...?

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