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Netflix adds 'Just for Kids' mode to iPad app to make parents' lives easier | The Verge

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My life is easier.

Why did they wait so long to do this? This is AWESOME!

 No idea.  I just signed up a month ago and it was just there, so I assumed it had been all along, but it hadn't.   

BTW, to get netflix working on my Wii, I had to make sure it had the right password for my wifi network, I had to put in the access pin to change the settings, update the ROM, sign up for a Wii account, download the Netflix app, and then voila.  A little difficult, but once it's on there it's really easy.

One day software will get easier. Probably long after we're gone.

 Now they just need a Skype for Kids!  Maybe redo Skype for Business into the service?

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