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Using blue dye in body wash to catch a thief:

Using blue dye in body wash to catch a thief


Stashed in: Dude!, Pranks!, OP will surely deliver.

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Original Poster wrote: "Someone keeps using my body wash. I'm going to know who..."

I would just dye to see what happens next.

P.S. Old Spice Swagger? REALLY?

now you know it's jumped the shark.  (did i use that correctly?  durrr)

Yes and yes!

Suddenly, Tobias Funke.

I'm in need of a dye, in need of a dye....

Suddenly, forgets and uses it himself.

Let's just wait, I'm sure OP will deliver. hPQDw.jpg

Your purchase of a product called swagger denies your claim to be undignified.

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