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Prince Joffrey actor actually a nice guy.

Prince Joffrey actor actually a nice guy


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He looks like an elderly lesbian.

You could have ended it there and you didn't

Oh, that's nice. o9uJO.gif

Poor kid will never not be hated. I almost feel bad for him, but that feeling is overridden by an intense desire to slap him in the face.

Still want to kill him

Holy crap....I just spent five solid minutes laughing.

Apparently he would also apologize to the actresses before and after scenes in which he would hit them.

Um. I don't normally judge a book by its cover, but don't they both look like elderly lesbians?

Speaking about elderly lesbians... look at this opponent of same sex marriage:

Point taken. It would be good if we Californians could vote out Lindsey Graham. 

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