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Kristen Stewart smiling gifs

Kristen Stewart smiling gifs


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“People have decided how they are going to perceive her,” Robert Pattinson tells Vanity Fair of Stewart. “No matter how many times she smiles, they’ll put in the one picture where she’s not smiling.”

Kristen Stewart smiling gif

Smiling Kristen Stewart gif

Kristen Stewart smile gif

Smiles Kristen Stewart gif

This is actually really refreshing to see...

Emma Watson can make Kristen Stewart smile.

Now THAT'S wizardry! - Imgur

I always thought the joke was on her acting skill, not her facial expressions as such.

Correct. Kristen Stewart has a lovely smile.

imgur: the simple image sharer

This still doesn't excuse mediocre at best acting.

Mediocre?! I resemble that!

Why do people find her attractive? 

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