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A regular day in Scotland...

A regular day in Scotland


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Pardon me good sirs...but I am the official kilt inspector... I will need to check to make sure you are wearing them in the traditional way

Where the hell did my panties go?

As a Scotsman, I can vouch... This is pretty much what our country is like 24/7. All kilts, all haggis, all manly, no underwear.

They may take our shirts, but they'll never take our FREEDOM!

There's a reason they built Hadrian's wall. To stop the english ladies invading....

Umm can I see your bagpipe?

I request permission to be your assistant.

 I'd like to put the tart in tartan.  Thank you, Adam.  This pic is like "ladies drink free."

Geege, ha! You are very welcome. 

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