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Fixed vs growth mindsets

Fixed vs growth mindsets

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Very nice graphical representation of the deep differences between believing that intelligence is innate versus developed.

I wonder it can ever be beneficial to have a fixed mindset.

This infographic seems slanted toward suggesting the growth mindset is best.

Having read "Mindset," I'm pretty sure there aren't any times where a fixed mindset is beneficial.

Nice graphic that breaks down the essential differences between the two mindsets. I actually thought of a career when it would be beneficial to have some of the aspects of the fixed one: totalitarian despot/dictator. It seems one would be more successful in that role by ignoring negative feedback, being threatened by the success of others and avoiding challenges (by eliminating them)?! ;-)

Chris, good point.

Rich, there are some non-dictator politicians in America 2012 who have benefitted from a fixed mindset.

We could argue that they'd be better off with a growth mindset, but we'll never know.

Seems like a great demonstration of how emotional intelligence is the biggest determinate of success.. not intellectual intelligence.

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