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Health lifehacks using household brands.

Health lifehacks using household brands


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Some of these might be true, but many of them are FALSE.

DO NOT DO THIS: "Sore throat? Drink a gallon of bleach. The bleach kills the bacteria."

I'm a doctor. Please don't put toothpaste, glue or mouthwash on various and sundry wounds. Honey, actually ok.

Also, don't try to cure a UTI with alka-seltzer. It is a pain reliever, not an antibiotic.

Rubbing your dog with dryer sheets will leave chemicals on their fur, which they might ingest. I would advise against this one...

Good call.

The next guy who asks me for a massage is getting the horseradish and olive oil rub.  Then dryer sheets.

That almost sounds good, Geege. :)

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