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Animated Tard and other Grumpy Cat Cartoon gifs ... Please Disney Animation or Pixar, don't let us down!

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I agree with the Imgurian who said Grumpy Cat should be Voiced by Alan Rickman in the Disney version.

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A Grumpy Cat Tard Toon! "I hate it!"

Not an intern at Disney, but thought I'd try. Whaddaya think? - Imgur


panda cat meme

Tard the Grumpy Cat Cartoon, saying STFU: 

Can a Disney version be far off? Pixar maybe?

Grumpy Cat Cartoon gif:

Tard the Grumpy Cat Cartoon! Now a gif! - Imgur


CG Grumpy Cat! I love it.

CG Tard Grumpy Ct gif


Clean version:

CG Tard Gumpy Cat

What ever happened to this?

You have 1 week to deliver. - Imgur


All grumpy cat animations get my upvote!

Upvotes? NO! - Imgur


I am still hoping for a Grumpy Cat animated series, though.

Will let you know if I hear anything.

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In the meantime, I will enjoy these:

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