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Flexible cheerleader is flexible.

Flexible cheerleader is flexible


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It almost looks like she's at the doctor's office, waiting for help to get out of this position.

If you ever see me in a position like this... Call an ambulance...

I cannot EVER imagine getting into a position like this...

how does this even work imgur magnificently

Or this...

Cunning Stunts - Imgur

How about this?

Stretching flexible cheerleader babe gif

Or how about this?

Flexible yoga babe First Position gif

From 1:11 in the First Position video:

More flexibility:

I am now a tripod.

It just doesn't seem natural.

stretch girl

Flexible babe latex high heels

A little more natural:

Stairwell by ~milanophoto on deviantART

Heidi Hong demonstrates that flexibility is good for yoga:

fuckyeahyoga | yogi-moni: Heidi Hong

fuckyeahyoga | yogi-moni: Heidi Hong

Don't stop working to become more flexible...


I Danse Cuz I'z Hapy =) / yoga

I Danse Cuz I'z Hapy =) / yoga

I Danse Cuz I'z Hapy =) / dance





More on Imgur (NSFW):

More on Imgur (NSFW):

wow.  i am so inflexible.  physically, that is.  i feel like mentally i'm flexible, but my tendons just can't keep up!!

these ladies are amazing!  makes humans look like another animal, like a giraffe-pretzel-person!

Wow this is an old PandaWhale page!

It takes time to become physically flexible. Takes some practice every day.

I think this is why yoga is increasingly popular. 

yes.  :)

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