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“If you’re connected all the time to a fast network, the browser is best for everything.”

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Marc said recently: "All the good smartphones and tablets have great browsers on them. HTML5 is a big step forward for the browser. We’re seeing companies saying “I can have my cake and eat it too. I can build an HTML5 application and wrap it in an app.” As long as you’re connected all the time to an infinitely fast network, the browser is best for everything."

I agree, and believe this is part of why the Web succeeded. Web applications are always up to date, and they run on any device a consumer wants to use.

For Marc's full interview, see:

good interview, as always. Thanks!

The rise of smartphones has sucked a lot of creativity and innovation out of the web community as devs focused on building one-off proprietary apps instead of embracing browsers and the web. History shows that open standards is a better way. The world just needs to see a truly great mobile website to remind the dev community of this and bring dev mineshare back to the web.

Wow it's hard to type large formatted comments on an iPhone right now!

Maybe we should do an iPhone app.

It's a little easier on the iPad, but I share your pain. Android is tough, and Blackberry fuggetaboutit.

Or were you being ironic? :)

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