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Be Ugly, like Ugly the Cat.

Be Ugly like Ugly the Cat


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Right in the goddamn feels :'(

Why am I cutting onions in front of my computer all of a sudden!?

I think it must be raining onions outside :( +1 for Ugly.

I won't sully this with a gif explaining my inability to contain these feels, but I will say that this hit home and my feels, pretty hard.

All I can say is I'm glad I'm crying in good company. No onions here. Just respect for my favourite animal, the cat.

I'm glad everyone is so touched by this story and the author gained so much insight. Too bad no one bothered to help the cat when it was being pelted with rocks or soaked by the hose. You are no where close to "Ugly".

Yeah, why didn't anyone help the cat? I've always wondered that about this story. 

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