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kitten hug | Tumblr

kitten hug Tumblr


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now I will never need zoloft again.

One of the greatest Tumblr tags of all time:

Thank you Christina, I needed that. 

I love it when they hug each other!

kitten hug

Sometimes kittens like to hug bunnies.

kitten hug

A double kitten hug has double the love!

kitten hug

Kitten hugs a stuffed animal!

kitten hug


kitten hug

Original image benefits from a caption...

thx mama iz needed a hug

Don't let anything come between you and a hug 0qKJG.png

Oh, Adam, you needz hugz? e780b0a2-d78c-4b93-ac56-e8449116375e.jpg

We allzdo lolcats-is-it-can-be-hugs-time-now.jpg

My mom just got out of heart surgery. I sendz this 128827631801747575.jpg (she is doing very well, thanks.)

This is how cats hug kitteh-group-hug.jpg

environmentally aware hugs 129027074187499902.jpg

Remember the myth? 47e96efd-b444-4d63-87e6-f1443e87fee5.jpg

must go now, my kitteh wants pets and hugz too 6f0f7e4c179811e2a50222000a1fb870_7.jpg



Those are cute!  Yay!

Cats + Hugs = Happiness !!!

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