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"Where do you put stuff you might want to remember later?"

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Gina Trapani writes:

Events go in Google Calendar, stuff I want to read later goes into Instapaper. Recipes I want to try/cook again go in Evernote. Places/restaurants I want to visit sometime go in my Foursquare todo list. Blog post ideas go into WordPress drafts list.

But there's this grey area of stuff I find online that sort of relates to something I'm interested in or considering working on and I don't know where to put it. For example, I just found a "Pull to refresh" iOS controller which is something we might find useful for the iOS app at some point in the future, but it's not a filed issue and it's not on my todo list (yet) and I haven't got the time to dive into it right now. I'm constantly finding articles that make impression on me that I might want to reference in a future post or podcast episode and but it's too easy to lose it the daily information onslaught.

Where do you put stuff you might want to remember later? Evernote? Delicious? Pinboard? PDF library?

Evernote was the most popular answer given because of its advanced searching features.

Among the other answers in her comments: DropMark, OneNote, Pocket, Catch, Zotero, Readability, MySpareBrain, ZooTool, gTasks, Dropbox, Pinboard, Outlook notes, Google+, Delicious, Diigo, Springpad, Blogging, Emacs, iCloud, Instapaper, OmniFocus.

Also I love the workarounds for clipping Web Pages into Evernote on iOS. Lovely.

I've decided to make a Bookmarks stash to explore this issue further.

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