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?¿ src-img: The best reverse image search tool I've found

 src img The best reverse image search tool I ve found

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So called "reverse image search" (image-based) is such a pain. It's easy to find images you like using traditional text-based search, but it's often difficult to find the original source of an image, or to find other occurrences of the same image on other sites.

For a while the best tool I knew of was TinEye. Then Google provided a way to do this for images found in search results (which was great) but it provided no way to input an image other than those found in search results, which is a problem if all you have is an image url from somewhere else and are trying to GET to google search results for that image.

As it turns out, Jarred Bishop has developed a nifty interface to the Google image search API. Install his bookmarklet and make image-based search a snap!

I learned today you can do Google Reverse Image Search by dragging an image into the Google searchbox.

Who knew?

Talk about a power user feature... :)

Two more helpful links:

1. The src-img page that lets you easily install the Bookmarklet.

2. This great wiki page on figuring out a photo's origins.

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