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Tiny Tard: Grumpy Cat with her Dad

Tiny Tard Grumpy Cat with her Dad


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Grumpy Cat's Father: "Good morning!"

Grumpy Cat Tard: "That's your opinion."

I'm struck by how tiny Tard is.

This Grumpy Cat image should have a banana, for scale.

Banana for scale gif

Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but--- I HATE YOU.

call me maybe no

Cat: "Have a good day." Grumpy Cat: "Don't tell me what to do."

Good Morning don't tell me what to do Grumpy Cat

Maybe the reason I'm so grumpy is because you idiots still call me "Tard".

grumpy cat call me maybe

My name is Tardar Sauce. Prepare to die.

 He looks so... ordinary.  I mean he's just a normal cat. 

Yes. Both of Grumpy Cat's parents are normal. Her mother is a Calico:

Grumpy Cat's mother mom Calico Tard

More about Grumpy Cat:

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