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Discovery of video is the #1 challenge facing Google now.

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According to Google's head of M&A:

He says social helps and tagging helps, but we've only scratched the surface.

He also suggests that Pinterest is an interesting, significant solution to the problem.

I wonder if he has seen Chill ?

Video discovery is an interesting problem on both sides of the table.

For consumers, finding video is a chore. YouTube, though massive in scale, is still a search first environment (understandable given their DNA). Facebook and Twitter offer video discovery yet the user experience is more serendipitous and unstructured than anything else. My sense is consumers want more out of the video consuming experience.

One thing is certain: by 2015 there will be something like 500 billion hours of video on the Internet—yep, 500 billion.

On the advertising side of the house, it's pretty clear a lion's share of display dollars are going to migrate towards video. It's simply a better context for capturing attention. As you can see, it's one of those 'perfect storm' moments in the marketplace that entrepreneurs like myself dream about.

Google realizes that solving discovery—on a multitude of devices—could really make their display business sing. At Chill our focus is and will continue to be helping people discover the most relevant and interesting video content available. Good times, friends.

Excellent times, Brian.

I cannot believe my eyes when I read this Google Help page on discovering videos.

There is NO good way to discover videos outside of social.

And social discovery of video feels like it's in the first inning.

Kudos on Chill -- every time I go there I get addicted!

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