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Sigh. Zip. The shit I put up with. Fap, fap, fap.

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"Sheesh, I was trying to get some work done." ~just about every Imgurian

 I mean...seriously..


fap funny

theres something about mary he was masturbating

mustnt fap gif Imgur Evil Dead 2 Bruce Campbell

Adventure Time Finn water scream gif MRW I was masturbating and shot a little farther than expected. - Imgur

Smithers strippers NO gif lap dance Simpsons Imgur

Spider-Man wheel of fortune meme sitting here masturbating Imgur

Ill be in my bunk gif Imgur gfycat Firefly

sigh tissue fap laptop close gif Imgur

fap reddit upvote gif boner desk Imgur

fap gif

fap gif fap gif

fap gif

fap gif

fap gif

whatever you say kate upton

I have no idea what to call this, but I think it belongs here.

South Park orgasm meme Randy Marsh jizz jism cum

As a gif:

Randy Marsh masturbating gif Imgur

What do you call this?

randy marsh fap orgasm gif cum sponge ghost ectoplasm imgur


More like... Magic.

magic motherfucker gif Your Highness Imgur

ken jeong hangover fap upvote gif Imgur

I dont know if I can fap to this but im damn sure going to try meme imgur

Will Ferrell erection gif Im sorry its the pleats optical illusion pattern of the pants Anchorman Imgur

anchorman erection gif pleats will Ferrell imgur

fap or dapper dan meme fop George Clooney O Brother Where Art Thou Imgur

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