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List of 106 Miles Companies 2011 ...

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When we started 106 Miles in 2005, our events were attended by founders and engineers of companies such as Pandora, WordPress, PBworks, Powerset, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. I miss the Blue Chalk!!

So now I'd like to put together a list of companies whose founders and engineers regularly participate in 106 Miles in 2011.

Mention them here and we will build an ever-growing list...

Off the top of my head: Adzerk, AisleBuyer, Alphonso Labs (Pulse), AngelList, Anso Labs (OpenStack), Apply in the Sky, ArmedZilla, Asana, Bagcheck, Bard, Blekko, Bonvoy, Browserling, Cake Health, Campfire Labs, Canonical,, CodeLesson, CollabRx, ConsumerBell, Convore, Cooked.It, Crave, CybozuStartUps (cstap), Dish It, Ecobold, EcoFactor, Envolve, Euclid Elements, Evly,, Flipboard, Foodstream, GabbX, Gamectrl, GlamRush, Gobble, Graph Science, Grubly, Hackers and Founders, ICE Web Filter, Kapuno, Keas, Klout, Krux Digital, Loqu8, Lucas Arts, Mozilla, Namesake, NewMe Accelerator, Nettle,, Nyoombl, OneSchool, PageOnce, PandaWhale, Philz Coffee, Plancast, Quixey, Quora, Rapportive, Receivd, SayNow, Scalr, Siegetoys, Silver Spring Networks, simplynk, Siri, Skout, SocialScope, Solvehub, socialize, Speak With Me, SportsForce, Stipple, Summerlight, Talkatone, TaskRabbit, TeamLogicIT, Toothie, Tripping, Viralheat, Zazzle, Zerply, Zimride.

And hundreds of others I will name and link to when I have more time.

See also: women-led startups in 106 Miles.

If attending once is enough, then we've had folks from Google and Apple drop in and say hi, too.

True. I'm thinking we just focus on listing the startups who attend.

Bonvoy Inc., CybozuStartUps, Inc. (cstap), Flavorize, Foodstream, GabbX, Gamectrl, Ivavi, ICE web filter, Kapuno, Klout, NewMe Accelerator, Siegetoys, simplynk, socialize, TeamLogicIT, Viralheat.

Thanks Liz, keep em coming. I will add links too when I get a free moment.

I'll throw mine in - :)

Thanks Daria, I look forward to you shipping!

Does attending once per year count? If so, add Canonical. :)

Thanks Clint, added. Attend more!

Hackers & Founders

One of my favorites! Btw, can you make it so works? Right now we need ...

It's an issue with's handling of domains. I've talked with a PM at Meetup, and it's a known issue for them. :P

We should be able to point the domain to our own site shortly: :) We've got a lot of stuff planned for the site: The Co-op application, a Silicon Valley / Startup wiki, the investor database, and, hopefully an event/rsvp system. Django has a lot of pre-made apps for a lot of that stuff, so it shouldn't be too hard to put together. *crosses fingers* After we get the next session of the Co-op up and running, we'll probably have a code sprint, or a hackathon for the site.

Thanks Jonathan -- good to know and I'm looking forward to the new-and-awesomer Hackers and Founders website coming soon!

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