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Cassidy's 'Gangnam Style' Remix, 'Condom Style,' Is the New Best/Worst Song of 2012 - Grantland

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One of these remixes hit the Internet this weekend, by Philadelphia rapper Cassidy. On paper, this is strange, because he has long prided himself on being pretty much the "realest" man that has ever walked this earth, never concerning himself with "publicity" or "selling out" or "making money." Doing a remix to the most popular/worst song of the year seems like the opposite of that lifestyle � that is, until he takes it in the most unconventional direction possible. The way his version begins:

Attention attention, I go by the name of Cassidy, the Hustla. And I would like to make a public service announcement. It's a lot of diseases that's going around �

It is at this point that the infectious, "staple your ears together so they never hear anything else ever again" thump of The Gangnam begins. The collision of that beat and his words is one of the funnier moments of recent memory. Cassidy continues:

� that's deadly. And there's no coming back from that. So I need y'all to know that if y'all gon' have sex, you got to wear a condom. Going raw is out of the question. So whenever you about to jump it off, I need you to keep this in mind: stroke 'em condom style.

Why does he end it like that?

Because the song is called "Condom Style." Cassidy's "Gangnam Style" remix is called "Condom Style."

A lot of Americans think Psy was singing "Open Condom Style" all along...

condom style

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