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Cat and Dog's favorite place to sleep: Shark Sleeping Bag!

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Shark bait ooh ha ha...

Shark Sleeping Bag

no, really.  shut up and take my money!  where do i get one of these?

man... i might have to save up for this.

the reddit comments were hilarious.

Yeah, it's the kind of ridiculous purchase that might just pay off in happiness and smiles.

And yeah, great Reddit comments!

Napping cat attack!

stuffed shark attack sleeping kitten cat meme funny Imgur

Found in comments here:

"So do sharks consider dog a culinary delicacy? ... No."

The difference between dogs and cats:

cat shark cute

cat in shark sleeping bag gif Imgur

omg that cat is so cute!!!

I know, so adorable!!!

s/he loves it in there!

The face with the mouth open just gets me every time. :)

"why you open dat?"

More like "I see the light!"

Or "I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes..."

Life is demanding without understanding, you know.


hilarious!  that guy is so seriously into it!!

Yes he is! It's hard not to be so into it when the music starts playing.

hahahaha!  :)

...and Ace of Base paved the way for Aqua...

hahaha!  soooooo 90's!  it's hard to believe this was ever cool.  :)

Not only was it cool, but just like the 60s, 70s, and 80s, it will come back into fashion eventually.

no way.  i am a firm believer that nothing from the 90s will ever come back.  never!

A Clinton running for President seems like we're one election away from 1990s Part II.

hahaha!  true.  maybe she'll bring back shoulder pads or parachute pants.

Or Hanson!

those guys must be grown-ups by now, right?

okay, i hope hillary does bring them back.  i'm curious.  :)

Yes! They're 17 years older than when they made that song:

Skip to 3:10 if you want to hear the 2014 version of Mmmbop.

wow, i'm impressed. lame as that song is, they can sing.

hillary should have them sing after her inauguration speech.  that would be awesome!  ;)

"Where's the Love" would probably be a better song for her inauguration.


Or perhaps "Weird":

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