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Radical breakthough treatment for stroke patients

Radical breakthough treatment for stroke patients


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A single dose of a common drug used to treat psoriasis is changing the lives of stroke and traumatic brain injury patients. It could also be used to treat Alzheimers.

Does psoriasis have anything else in common with traumatic brain injuries?

Medicine is magic sometimes.

my question is who thought to even go there?

He's been researching this for his entire career:

The 25-milligram shot at renewed independence is the brainchild of Boca Raton, Fla., physician Dr. Edward Tobinick. His patented method for delivering the anti-inflammatory medicine etanercept to the brain is getting notice around the world as a "radical breakthrough" in the treatment of chronic neurological dysfunction.

This is just extraordinary:

Within minutes of receiving the injection Monday, Anna Alfaro walked without a cane, got up from a chair more easily and regained sensation in her left arm. Hours later, with some of her left eye vision returned, she could see the phone clearly enough to dial a number for the first time since her illness.

Her response is not unique.

And the effects are long lasting. Sounds like a miracle drug.

this sounds not like a recovery of a damaged neural network, which should take much longer, but more like removing a suppressing agent. Astonishing.

If Alzheimer's is type 3 diabetes there might be implications for diabetes too.

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