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Buttermilk Pie with graham cracker crust

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Buttermilk pie sounds unappetizing, but it's actually more like a very light cheesecake.

That one does look like cheesecake.

I really enjoyed the one I had with whipped cream on top.

I first had buttermilk pie at a gourmet BBQ place in San Francisco called Cedar Hill, where they serve it with a thin layer of buttermilk filling and a much thicker layer of barely-sweetened whipped cream. I believe they actually use a deep-dish pie plate, and the proportions are like 1:3.  This leads to an impression of lightness and uncloying refreshment after a gigantic meal of nothing but fatty meats and fried foods.

To get something of the same effect I deployed the normal amount of pie filling into TWO graham cracker shells made according to the recipe doubled. The baking time was about 20 minutes rather than 30.  Then I filled the rest of the shells with lightly-sweetened whipped cream.

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