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Beating Tetris gif, Mario vs Pacman gif, and Story gifs

Beating Tetris gif Mario vs Pacman gif and Story gifs

Source: Reddit

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My favorite gifs are gifs that share a story.

Example: Mario vs Pacman ...

Mario vs Pacman gif

EPIC Super Mario vs Pacman GAME WAR, higher fidelity from Imgur:

Mario, how i love you! vs Pac Man gif

I love it when Mario pole dances.

Source video:

I think the ghosts put Mario up to this.

first we kill the pacman

More Imgur comments on Pacman vs Mario:

There's a lot of Contra going on in that gif too.

Excellent point. Btw there are several more story gifs here...

...that I haven't brought over here yet. One day when I have time.

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