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Antonio Banderas Laptop Reaction Gif

Antonio Banderas reaction gif computer Assassins Imgur Tumblr high quality HD

Thank you JoeDaEskimo for remaking this gif in high quality:

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It's from the movie Assassins with Sly Stallone.

Antonio Banderas computer reaction gif oh yeah Imgur

Last of Us LEGO Joel makes the same reaction:

Antonio Banderas reaction gif Last of Us LEGO Joel high quality HD Imgur

Thank you matt01ss for making this gif.


Antonio Banderas reaction gif Leonidas 300 Imgur

Whoa. A reaction to the reaction:

Antonio Banderas reaction gif Inception Leonidas 300 Imgur

Antonio Banderas reaction gif winner Shu Imgur

Antonio Banderas reaction gif Sly Stallone Assassins Imgur

Antonio Banderas reaction gif Assassins MS Paint version Imgur

the last of us Joel gif Imgur LEGO Antonio Banderas reaction Assassins

Found here:

CG version featuring Joel (main character of TLU) made by naughty dog, the creators of The Last of Us. They made a recreation for an award they won and because the original GIF is/was used for Playstation related stuff.

Antonio Banderas computer Dickbutt gif: 

Antonio Banderas computer gif dickbutt imgur tumblr assassins

Thank you The_Love_Child for this gif:

Tom Cruise Illuminati Eyes Wide Shut dickbutt gif:

Thank you xellellex for making this gif:

Patton Oswalt computer gif

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