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Anorexia Nervosa: In The Mirror gifs

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anorexia nervosa mirror gif anorexia nervosa mirror gif

anorexia nervosa mirror gif anorexia nervosa mirror gif

anorexia nervosa mirror gif anorexia nervosa mirror gif

I am wondering is this suppose to be funny cos if it was then someone is one sick puppy.

Not all GIFs are funny. Some are there to make us think.

Okay you and I think, but the girls with this don't get it,no matter how hard it is drummed into them that they are not fat, it is a psychological problem.

The only thing we can do is keep teaching them that they're fine the way they are.

It's not all about girls...guys, too--and not only self image. Control factors in. Also, athletics often promotes poor eating habits, ironically... several sports, not only wrestling and competition bodybuilding.  Additionally, there are so many extreme diets out there disguised as health.  Society in general promotes this, it's not just girls looking at themselves in the mirror... far from it. 

This brings us back to the issue of difficulty finding mental health treatment and coverage, as well as people's reluctance to be treated because mental health so often carries a stigma in society. 

Dawn, you're right, at least 20 percent of anorexics are male.

I wish mental health treatment was better understood.

Till then, the message I'm hearing is that we all have to watch out for each other.

Here's an article that speaks to the subject of athletes:

Jennifer Lawrence from Hunger Games being asked about her weight:

“Katniss is very skinny… How much do you weigh?”

jennifer lawrence:

jennifer lawrence:

Every guy I've dated has suggested I could lose at least ten pounds and be cuter... this was when I was 120 pounds and when I was 180 pounds. I'm 5'11 and my ideal weight, health-wise is 155. I have had to fight tooth and nail to stay sane regarding weight. If you want to help, guys, swear never ever to say anything about any woman's weight ever. Including women who walk down the street, because many women compare themselves to what you value. Keep your values to yourself, and you will have a better relationship and a healthier partner.

The theme of many Disney movies is "Be yourself."

Which, admittedly, is easier to do if one is a prince or princess.

I've come to realize that everybody struggles.

I agree that we should spend more time lifting each other up than knocking each other down.

Today, i started making tweets extolling the virtue of a person with the hastag #2012gratitude 

After ~three I was literally crying with happiness. It's amazing how powerful saying thank you can be. 

Found it:)  How incredibly nice. I try to consciously express gratitude--this has been a year of such things for me--I'm grateful for having met all of you and for the stimulating conversations:) 

Christina, maybe you should start standing up for yourself, like this woman:

woman headbutting man gif yogurt table

bitch please cat

Adam can tell you, I may have issues, but standing up for myself ain't one. 

This girl won't have problems standing up to men either, I'm guessing:

Teacher Pushes Little Girl Too Far - PandaWhale

And there we have it, the cat even makes it into the mental health convo:)

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