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Felix Salmon's article, "The problem with Marc Andreessen"

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Felix Salmon writes a month after his Wired story:

I certainly like the way that he’s dragging Silicon Valley into the world of philanthropy, where it’s historically been very weak. But a lot of my own Wired story, last month, can be read as a push back against the IPO culture which Andreessen, almost more than anybody else, has managed to create.

Chris O’Brien, writing in 2009 when Andreessen Horowitz was launched, made similar points.

Felix's article has an unfortunate accusational tone to it, because I do believe that Andreessen Horowitz thinks a lot about the future and investing in companies that will improve peoples' lives.

a16z might have benefited some from momentum investing, but they also have enabled an entire generation of entrepreneurs to dream about having big visions and building products that make the world better.

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