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Socialcam = 3 Employees + 46 Angels

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That's right, SocialCam is racing to become the Instagram for Video player.

Their competitor Viddy has 30 employees and is raising 30 on 370.

Mother of God, SocialCam has 3 employees and a whole lotta angels:

Brian Chesky – CEO, Airbnb

Jonathan Abrams – Partner, Founders Den

Jason Johnson – Partner, Founders Den

Zachary Bogue – Partner, Founders Den

Michael Levit – Partner, Founders Den

Jeff Kapel – Assistant Coach, Duke Basketball

WME – Ari Emmanuel & Jason Lublin

Trajan Langdon – Retired NBA Basketball Player

Yuri Milner & Felix Shpilman – Startfund

Troy Carter & Allison Streuter – Atom Factory

SV Angel – Ron, David, Kevin, Topher, Robert

Crunchfund – Michael, MG, Patrick

Paul Buchheit – Inventor of Gmail, Founder FriendFeed, Partner Y-Combinator

Garry Tan – Partner Y-Combinator, Co-Founder Posterous

Alexis Ohanian – Partner Y-Combinator, Co-Founder Reddit

Harj Taggar – Partner Y-Combinator, Co-Founder Auctomatic

Paul Graham – Co-founder Y-Combinator

Jessica Livingston – Partner Y-Combinator

Tim Draper – Draper Associates

Stewart Alsop – Alsop Louie

Erik Moore – Angel investor in Zappos

Justin Kan – Co-Founder EXEC, Co-Founder

Emmett Shear – CEO & Co-Founder

Kyle Vogt – Co-Founder

Matt Ocko – Angel Investor

A-Grade Investments – Ashton Kutcher, Guy Oseary, and Chris Hollod

Ronny Conway – Andreessen Horowitz

Justin Caldbeck – Lightspeed

Shervin Pishevar – Menlo Ventures

Laurene Powell Jobs & Stacey Rubin – Emerson Collective

Ram Shiram – Sherpalo, Angel Investor in Google

Shane Battier – NBA Basketball player, Miami Heat

Michael Rapino & Michael Abrams – Live Nation

That's gotta be the most angels ever for a startup, right?

How much did they raise for this number of headaches, I mean angels?

Rumor mill says $4.20 million.

And I can remember just last week when we thought another YCombinator company raising $4.20 million in seed from 14 VC's was a record.

Was that just last week?

It's getting hot in here.

Then again, 8 million users in a month can't be wrong.


This chart does NOT look good. Can we trust data?


The are playing tricks to acquire them -

Also relevant Fred Wilson's post about this new generation of Open Graph growth -

Thanks Amit, I hadn't seem those.

Wow, Facebook has a lot of power to make apps and destroy them too.

That's why we are not using Facebook connect :)

We'll I don't think you should avoid using Facebook connect. Facebook is a great platform for user acquisition and most people see increased sign-up conversions with connect.

We're using Twitter instead. Facebook doesn't offer exclusivity that we need to attract celebrities to our platform.

Hum...I don't think understand what you mean. What type of exclusivity does twitter offer that Facebook doesn't?

Well, celebrities are on Twitter and their fans are there. Facebook is for everyone. I don't want to confuse my users by offering multiple sign-up options.

According to BusinessInsider SocialCam has FORTY SIX investors.


Mother of God.