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"I basically stopped using Apple's iOS apps." ~Liz Gannes

 I basically stopped using Apple s iOS apps Liz Gannes


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Android is beating iPhone in worldwide smartphone market share.

In the U.S., Apple is still #1, so Google created the worm strategy of beating Apple with software.

Gmail is better than Apple Mail app.

Google Maps is better than Apple Maps.

Google Chrome is better than Apple Safari.

Google search is better than Siri.

And the new YouTube app is way better than Apple's video app.

Liz Gannes points out that all the native iPhone apps (such as Notes, Music, and Camera) are beaten by better apps such as Evernote, Spotify, and Instagram.

"beaten" is dependent on your criteria of success. I would be very surprised if any of these apps are used as much as the iOS apps the phone ships with.

Also, Spotify sucks.

Agreed about Spotify.

And you're right, it's the vocal minority that's pounding the table for Google's apps.

Most iPhone users do not stray from the defaults.

Still, I agree with Google's approach here. Beat em with software.

I have personal beef with spotify because I got a paid account, needed support, and was 100% ignored. No response to repeated inquires via appropriate channels. I hold grudges.

I'm guessing it's no better 3 years later. 

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