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MOTHER OF GOD gifs, meme origin ...

MOTHER OF GOD gifs meme

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Chris inspired me, so I went looking for the origin of the phrase Mother of God on KnowYourMeme.

The phrase originated in Greek as Theotokos -- "its literal English translations include God-bearer and the one who gives birth to God. Less literal translations include Mother of God."

The saying was popularized in the 2001 movie Super Troopers (above).

It started showing up in rage comics in 2009.


According to KYM, "the rage face originally came from a panel of a KC Green comic titled Euclids on the Block, a comic about the famous Greek mathematician. The comic was first posted on his Livejournal sometime around August 2008."


Personally, I like the animated version of the rage face best.


mother of god super troopers meme Imgur

High quality version of the Super Troopers gif:

Thank you to Lucas for pointing out that "Mother of God, there I am" was employed by Hunter S. Thompson in both the book and movie versions of Fear and Loathing:

Fear and Loathing (1998) pre-dated Super Troopers (2001).

That's awesome, but seeing that animated gif (top) now makes me want to see Super Troopers, again :)

Not that there's anything wrong with that, Chris. See Fear and Loathing again, too! :)

My Name Is Earl Mother of God gif

mother of god my name is earl gif

Mother of God gifs ...

Pregnant women look amazing. - PandaWhale

mother of god leonardo dicaprio meme

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