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Three girls bickering in Borderlands.


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Too bad they couldn't show the ending of the game.

Why couldn't they show the ending of the game?

We're still working out the kinks. These are our first videos weve ever done but part 2 is much longer.

Thanks for posting it. Not everything can catch on fire but EVERYTHING EXPLODES.


YOLO! :)

Heres part 2. All edited and filmed by my friend Chris (Zulu7). I (DrDeath) made the intro graphic(image not effect). And Cody (Scaner1490) is just a badass. 

Freaking sweet. And badass!

Some how it gets leaked, and a GIRL posts it before you Nick. IMAGINE THAT.

freakin hackers.

It's awesome. That's what it is.

I'm gonna try not to be offended by that girl comment while I remember that you just called yourself a girl :) 

I've put so much time into Borderlands 2 this past vacation.  Without giving anything away, the ending is hard as all hell...even on easy mode.

Amanda, good call.

Greg, why did they make the ending so hard???

I didn't find the ending too hard. I still haven't killed Terramorphous the Invincible yet though.

Killing invincible things takes a little longer...

Miss Amandaaaaa Pitts: That was cold. Like cold cold. Not my fault you infiltrated into Nick's securityfirewall and posted it before he announced it :P

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