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Real-time Facebook 'likes' displayed on Brazilian fashion retailer's clothes racks | The Verge

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I wonder if this helps sales.

Would love to see this at a major chain US retailer where the law of large numbers kicked in. I already rely on Amazon reviews, rotten tomatoes scores and yelp ratings... Would be nice to have something for clothes too. :)

It really would help at Nordstrom... Or even Zappos!

Remember the rush of Google Maps mashups? Mashing up virtual and real will be a lot more exhilarating. Some of these may actually be built soon:

A cafe with the Google Hangout wall. Both physically present and visiting on screen see each other. Same screen could show best live On Air performances.

In the same venue, which gym will be the first to let out-patrons join the group fitness classes from home?

I am at the movies, pushing iPhone's volume button "up" for those previews I like, down for those I don't. When the film is released I get a heads up message.

I am in NY on 42nd and about to turn to 6th ave. Siri: "Dude, no right turn till 5pm! 75 good looking fellows like you got a ticket here in the last 3 days."

I am a college girl, waving down a cab at night. Before getting in, I glance at my pebble watch to check driver's cred.

Other cyreal mashup ideas? Buzz me if you'd like to build these things together.

These are cool ideas, Gene.

Is there an online community for people who want to build mashups?

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