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CEO of Klout has a Klout score of 69.

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Seriously? 69?

Says BusinessInsider: "For being the CEO of the online reputation scoring company, Joe Fernandez doesn't come anywhere close to Justin Bieber."

Must be a slow news day, they also mention 10 things that annoy Jack Dorsey. Among them: not tipping well and not pushing in chairs. Yawn.

Probably inspires more trust than "CEO of Klout has a Klout score of 101."

(And definitely more legit than "CEO of Klout has a Klout score of INFINITY INFINITIES!!!!")

Still, if he cannot et his score to 70, what hope do the rest of us have?

Maybe he wants to give us all the opportunity to say, "I have a higher Klout score than the CEO OF KLOUT!". :)

Still working on that. Even a Klout score of 69 is surprisingly hard to get.

If there was ever a fact which cries out, "Klout is bullshit"...'s the fact that I'm influential on #unicorns.

Good to know in case I ever have a question about unicorns, Tristan.

Klout gets bashed all the time, but it's about gaming "reach." And, brands love it. Who else will build the metric, then?

LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter?

One early Google employee who shall remain nameless gave his personal homepage a PageRank of 9. Fun little perk.

I take it as a given that Googlers get extra SEO as part of their compensation. :)

If that's how things work, forget Google -- I want to work at Experian, Transunion or Equifax. ;)

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