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Twitter's future platform doesn't need to shut everyone out β€” David Chartier

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I have had a strange obsession with twitter lately...

I think he's missing the point:

But nowhere in Isaac's 1,800+ words, ​nor in Sippey's original 400-word post, is an explanation of why this new "Cards" initiative necessitates locking out and screwing over the third-party clients that contributed so much to Twitter's early proliferation and current success.

Twitter could create that consistent experience, even across third-parties, by adjusting its APIs and laying down a new set of guidelines to ensure all apps display its Cards, promoted ads, and other required content. If apps get caught ignoring any of these rules, they could simply get shut out, much like Twitter shut off the spigot for Instagram and LinkedIn.

Sure, users of apps like Tweetbot and Flipboard might not be thrilled about having to see ads, but they'll far less thrilled ​when they get shut out completely. And if recent estimates on the use of third-party Twitter clients are even in the ballpark, we're only talking about roughly 20 percent of Twitter's users. Is all this grief really worth that trouble? Consistency doesn't mean totalitarianism.

The point is that in Jack Dorsey's mind deviation is treason.

Jack won't be satisfies until he destroys the cancer of deviation that permeates the Twitter ecosystem.

In doing so, he hastens the destruction of Twitter.

As for why he screws over third parties? No explanation; he just enjoys that.

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