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Apple $2000 a share.

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By 2015 according to analyst Andy Zaky:

Here's the gist of the analysis:

If Apple is still trading at 14 times earnings in fiscal Q4 2015, it will, according to Zaky, have topped $2,000 (14 x $145.96 = $2043.44).

"I'm fairly confident about these numbers," Zaky writes. "Here's what I think will guide that:

Q1 2013 = 55 million iPhones shipped

Q1 2014 = 80 million iPhones shipped

Q1 2015 = 110 million iPhones shipped

"2014 is the golden age of Apple and the peak growth year," Zaky concludes. "After 2015, growth will stall and Apple will become a mature company -- at least for this era."

To enter another golden age, Zaky says, Apple has to do something spectacular. He's lobbying for nanomedicine and a cure for the type of cancer that killed Steve Jobs.

110 million iPhones shipped per quarter does not sound preposterous.

Apple at $2000 a share would be worth almost $2 trillion.

Ok, THAT sounds preposterous...

would that be triposterous

(not only unbelievable but UNFbelievable... with a side order of weasel)

But if the revenues justify it, then it's possible, right?

In the realm of possibility, yes... not sure that without the Steve ethos it can

but more so I wonder about the dawn of the reality of the movie 'Idiocracy': I mean, after all, can anyone tell me that *not* having widgets on your phone screen can possibly make it better than my phone which does have widgets?

Sadly form beat function but even form is beaten by other form so the win is for the Logo.. I guess I am getting old!

You're not getting old. A year later the market believes what you believe!

iPhone alone is the world's most profitable company ever:


A year later with Apple shares at 400 the call for Apple 2000 seems a tad... Overly optimistic.

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