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Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher gesticulating long and thick in Star Trek: The Next Generation, taken out of context...

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No idea what this scene is about.

Will Wheaton Wesley Crusher with hot babe gesturing this long and this thick Imgur

Description from Reddit:

This screenshot is from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 'Justice'. From the first season, basically they encounter a planet with a very idealistic peaceful people but they find out that their penalty for any crime is death. Young Wesley accidentally walks on some grass and breaks plant box or something and is going to be put to death for it, but Picard intervenes, explaining that while he has a duty to respect the culture and laws of the races he encounters, his duty to his own crew trumps that. It is at that point that the god-like creature that I didn't previously mention that was overseeing the planet allows them to transport to the ship.

Brilliant summaries of TNG eps that never happened here:

little girl mind blown gif

She may not have been impressed, but this guy was:

wil wheaton wesley crusher hot babe judith jones long and thick

The name of the actress is Judith Jones btw.

data high five wesley crusher gif suddenly thank you napsmear

wesley crusher I'm with Starfleet. We dont lie. gif

wesley crusher catch gif That's the joke gif thatsthejoke.gif Imgur

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