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Beyond Likes: Which Brands Get The Most Value On Facebook? - Forbes

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Interesting analysis of likes vs engagement and the resulting value for big brands.

Yesterday at Accel's Big Data Conference, Anand Rajaraman from Walmart said they use trends and sentiment analysis on Twitter to promote products in stores. One of the big success stories was cake pops (I guess it's like a piece of cake on a stick). He also mentioned bacon flavored vodka is trending now.

Bacon flavored vodka sounds like a very bad idea.

From the Forbes article:

While brands may have many Likes, that alone may not meet business goals, says Rob Leathern, CEO of Optimal. “In some cases you can show that bigger isn’t necessarily better. Quality matters a lot… You may want people (fans) who are true advocates and want to engage over time.”

I'm not convinced that there's any real engagement that happens on Facebook, even now.

It all seems so superficial and irrelevant -- even the examples cited in the article.

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