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Walled gardens collapse when users flock to content on the open Web.

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Chester Ng explains what the Facebook app center is really about:

Whether you scoff at or believe in the comparisons of Facebook to the original walled garden, Aol, we all know that those trusty walls collapsed when users flocked to content on the open web. Facebook is trying to get ahead of that possibility by ensuring that users can easily access and discover great content (apps) inside their walls.

What can dissipate some of the power that Facebook now holds, if most great content is discoverable inside Facebook?

Any time I click on some piece of great content and it asks me to approve permissions for an app--I block that app forever and ever.

Hmmm, can there never be a good app that asks for permission?

PandaWhale would like to be a good app that asks for permission, but we will never require you to connect any of your systems to be able to read all of the good content on PandaWhale.

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