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Atari is bankrupt. Somebody PLEASE don't let Zynga buy them!

Atari is bankrupt Somebody PLEASE don t let Zynga buy them


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Ingrid Lundgren writes:

The official statement from Atari doesn’t reveal too much more, but the LA Timeshas some more details: it notes that the company is currently profitable, but only just: $4 million in fiscal 2012 and $11 million in 2011 — coincidentally, the same price that Infogrames (the former name of the French parent before it adopted Atari branding) paid for Atari back in 2008. Revenues have been dropping fast, however: down 34% in 2012 and down 43% in 2011.

On top of this, financing that Atari had in place has dried up: a $28-million credit facility with BlueBay lapsed Dec. 31, the LA Times notes. That meant a delay for the release of “Atari Casino,” Atari’s foray into real-money gambling — a route other troubled gaming companies like Zynga are also exploring to boost revenues.


EA, why don't you buy them and change your name to Atari?

Or Rovio. How about Rovio?

Look at all these great titles: "The company has recently launched a slew of chart-topping titles for iOS and Android mobile platforms, including Atari® Greatest Hits, Outlaw™, Breakout® and Asteroids Gunner®. The company has previously announced upcoming mobile and tablet games based upon the popular Rollercoaster Tycoon® franchise and Atari® Casino."

Apparently there's already an Asteroids movie in the mix, so I can easily see some movie studio throwing out a few million for the brand.  Heck, maybe Hostess will buy them.

I see what you did there. :)

Seriously why wouldn't Microsoft buy them? This seems right up their alley.

While I'm asking, what ever happened to Activision?

Activision is doing great.  For one, they own the cash cow that is Warcraft.  They have Call of Duty and probably the biggest hit of 2012/2013 Skylanders Giants, an extension of Spyro that is revolutionizing gaming.  I expect to see copy-cats for the cross-platform model that mixes in a physical character.  I can see them expanding Warcraft in a similar fashion.

So can Activision just buy Atari and call it a day?

Absolutely.  It depends on which assets they want.  Personally, just give me the brand.

I was thinking the same thing -- though some of the titles are probably worth buying, too.

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