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Bouncing kayak gif

Bouncing kayak gif


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Thanks Obama banana gif

Thanks Obama gif -- double-dip-recession kayak edition - PandaWhale

the "thanks obama" things always make me giggle.  :)

Me too! Not sure if it's sincere thanks or sarcastic thanks, though.

total sarcasm, i hope!

at first, when i saw them, i thought, "what does obama have to do with that?" then i noticed how much people like to blame obama for every little problem with our country, and the gifs are usually ridiculously over-the-top things that have nothing to do with obama—or our country!

this one of the woman trying to get the banana in the bottle (whaaat?!?) is the first one that really makes it clear to me: let's just blame obama for everything!!

Haha, that's a great explanation. And yeah, what's up with that woman and the banana??

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this guy has skills!

He really does!

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