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Thanks, Obama!

Thanks Obama cheetos gif


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thanks obama cheetos gif


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It's great fun to blame Obama for everything. Go ahead and try.

Spill your Cheetos? Thanks, Obama!

Thanks, Obama! Seriously...

Thanks, Obama plunger shit gif

Thanks Obama golf gif

Thanks Obama cereal gif

Thanks, Obama. Can't even cross the road in peace gif

Thanks, Obama skateboard gif  Thanks, Obama. won't even let us wash our cars anymore gif

Thanks Obama wash dog gif


thanks obama banana gif

Thanks, Obama trust fall gif

Thanks Obama motorcycle gif

Thanks Obama nevermind gif

i can't figure out which one i like most!!  they're all so funny!

maybe the humping dolphin. :)

I had forgotten about the humping dolphin. Hilarious!

Also, mental note that we came here through this wormhole:

And here's a few more:

Obama ain't mad at u. He's even willing to share his ice cream with you.

thanks obama gif

Best Thanks Obama GIFs:

Where Did the Soda Go subreddit:

Imgur Thanks Obama:

And what about George W. Bush?

Blame George W Bush

 Communist Obama says: "You're welcome! Take some money!"

communist obama throwing money out the window 

Obama says “You're Welcome” gif 


obama you're welcome gif

obama haters gonna hate gif

 It's an offshoot of the Bush Derangement Syndrome and Obama's Messiah Press complex.  Instead of saying G__ D____t. :-)

And it has an entire Reddit sub:

Easier to browse that on Imgur:

There's also a "Thanks Obama" book by Jon Klassen...

Thanks Obama Jon Klassen

"You're welcome." ~Obama

Obama - I brought you motherfuckers donuts. You're welcome.

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