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Government Shutdown memes

government shutdown meme May I suggest the first 535 layoffs Imgur

Dear Congress, you had ONE job.

Congress you had ONE fucking job meme Imgur

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I should learn how the government works meme cat I should buy a boat Imgur

impeach all the congress Imgur

we've tried nothing and we're all out of ideas meme Simpsons hipster Flanders dad Imgur

government shutdown meme we are going to stop working because we can't agree on how to spend the imaginary money we don't have Imgur

government shutdown zoidberg meme Our government is bad and we should feel bad Imgur

Zoidberg THANKS OBAMA gif Imgur

Insanity Wolf meme government shutdown Imgur

you Congress FUCK YOU meme Grinds My Gears Peter Griffin Family Guy Imgur

John Candy vacation meme Sorry folks America is closed Moose out front shoulda told you Imgur

government shutdown meme Breaking Bad Imgur

Smokey The Bear furloughed meme

congress meme Office Space what would you say you do here

Their response:

I did nothing meme Office Space and it was everything I thought it could be

And in fact...

Office Space meme 15 minutes of real actual work

government shutdown meme aint nobody got time for that

government shutdown meme Bill Clinton I heard there were some openings that need to be filled Obama facepalm Imgur

government shutdown meme George Washington you had one fucking job Imgur

government shutdown meme National Zoo is temporarily closed


sad child THANKS OBAMA meme Imgur

Obama Morpheus meme democrats republicans blame Imgur

morpheus meme what if I told you republicans and democrats are the same

Arrested Government meme shutdown arrested development Imgur

government shutdown meme wizard of oz some people without brains do a lot of talking scarecrow Imgur

beating dead horse gif Imgur

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