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Summer Glau in black tank-top and heels.

Summer Glau hot tight skirt Imgur high heels Reddit

Here are some relevant quotes from Summer:

I try not to read stuff about me online, but you can't help it. I'll have one day when I'm feeling bad about myself, and that's always the day you go looking for it. And you'll find it — the people who say you're hideous, or that you always play the same role, or that you're a show killer. I'll think, There must be some truth to it or else they wouldn't write it. That's the ballet dancer in me: You look in the mirror and pick out the one thing that's not good. Dancers are mean little hungry people — worse than actresses, way more hardcore.

(Esquire - March 2011 Issue)

I avoid the internet, it can break your heart. There was a time where I read the forum because I wanted to know what people thought. You can read ten nice things, but the one hurtful thing you pick up.

(FHM – April 2010 issue)

Sometimes it’s hard to summon the courage to read anything regarding myself online. It almost always ends in tears. I’m an entertainer- have been all my life… I want everyone to be pleased with my contribution. Often the comments I read online can make me feel like a failure.

(Message from Summer, Dec 11 2010)

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Obligatory "Daaaayum".

Summer Glau likes black tank tops with jeans, too:

Summer Glau in black tank top and jeans

It's hot in here. Must be Summer.

Summer Glau black leather TSCC Imgur True power and beauty come from within.

Summer Glau hot bikini Imgur Reddit

Summer Glau hot legs bare feet Imgur

Summer Glau red dress Imgur

Summer Glau hot legs summer dress dressed in sun Imgur

Summer Glau black and white hot Imgur

Summer Glau gif - A81jLDB

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