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Philz Coffee, the beverage of Facebook...

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Mike Cassidy writes:

Philz, plain and simple, is the official coffee of Facebook. And so I'm thinking that Philz is the fuel for Facebook's success; that whether Facebook flies or flops rests largely on the exotic blends of joe that Jaber worked 25 years perfecting. Think about it: What's more important to an enterprise's success than the corporate coffee that keeps the coders coding? But Jaber, suave and favoring crisply pressed shirts and an ever-present fedora, will have none of it. "No. No," he says, "each company has its own success."

It does seem like Facebook and Philz were separated at birth:


Except, of course, that Philz will never take Venture Capital:

"I'm not interested," Jaber says. "There is no one who is good enough to come and tell me how to run my business."

Great photo of son and father:


CAN CAFF CURE CORP.. See, the whole thing is, with Tuxedo Perk, it isn't about coffee at all. Zuck's org is moving too fast already. I say things like, Isn't the earth moving at a phenomenal rate already, that we should simply stand still? I view progress much the same way FB did in it's early years. No rush to go IPO, no push to retail a coffee product when Starbucks is hard to compete with on their terms. At Tuxedo Perk/TuxedoPerkLabs, we're A DOT CAFF PRODUCTION. Agility is key. Before Google engineers proved Microsoft cheating for Bing, we had initiated the mission to catch Microsoft as early as April, 2009. We did so by using keywords belonging to international adult cam studios. Some pretty unique and sexxxi names versus Google's use of "tarsorrhaphy." SBUX actually fueled the Tag-Site Network for Privy Docs project (the real facebook killer network) in 2003. Even when we are LIL 2 NO CAFF PRODUCTION stealth is the main thing. 

Here is a parting shot: LIKE YOUR OPTIONS. 

It isn't about coffee at all. I like that.

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